Thursday, February 18, 2010

Still rokin it Totz

hey totz so you might be asking okay so whats all tha new stuff goin on this week? Well we had a fabulous Valentines day! AND we're still rokin our extra special GT Valentines hunt < 3? k i wull telled ya! WE NOW HAVE CUSTOM ITEMS FOR THE MM BOARDS THATS RIGHT STARTING FRIDAY THE ITEMS IN OUR MM BOARDS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH THE MM BOARDS! ITEMS WILL NOT BE SOLD IN STORE! SO DONT MISS OUT GATHER YER FRIENDS, FAMBLIES, N HEY EBEN THOSE NOT SOS FRIENDLYS PEEPOS NEXTDOOR N LOCK THESE ITEMS DOWN ! k nuff enthusiasm *giggles* we've got some wonderful new outfits out for the girls already in store as well as our first set of neko gear! boys dont fret i've not forgotten you guys we've got new things comin out for you too in the next couple of days so jus try to hold tight budz. AND we cant forget our lil toddler friends! we've got some great stuff comin yer way also as well as for those discustingly cute baby avitars "tinys" we've got some awsome stuff headed yer way too so no worries! kk thats bout all i got to dish on tonight... OHHHH wait one more thing GIA"S BAK! WHOOOHOOOO WE MISSSSED YOUUUU!

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